What is your totem animal? find out which animal represents you

A totem is a natural object or an animal that, in the beliefs of some cultures and civilizations, is taken as an iconic symbol of the tribe or each person. The totem may include a variety of attributes and meanings for the linked group.

What is a totem? What is its meaning?

The totem is the origin of a particular clan that believes it is descended from that totem -animal, plant, or object-. Although the term comes from the Ojibwa indigenous culture, originally from North America, totemism can be observed throughout the evolution of human societies in other continents and eras.

For these indigenous tribes, the qualities of totem animals reflect supernatural forces and spiritual attributes related to a person or group of people. Among some of the recognized animals are the bear, the falcon, the salmon. These were animals of great importance. Also, some cultures represent the three levels of the human being: the lower self (or unconscious), the middle self (the mind), and the higher self, the latter represented by a winged figure or a bird, a symbol of expansion. If above the winged figure there were other figures, these meant other deities of higher planes.

And then, you will ask yourself, what is my totem animal?

There are 12 totem animals: Otter, Wolf, Hawk, Beaver, Deer, Woodpecker, Salmon, Bear, Raven, Snake, Owl, and Goose.

You have to know what your totem animal is according to your date of birth:

Otter: power animal – Date of birth between January 20 and February 18

Wolf: spirit animal – Date of birth between February 19 and March 20

Falcon: power animal – Date of birth between March 21 and April 19

Beaver: power animal – Date of birth between April 20 and May 20

Deer: power animal – Date of birth between May 21 and June 20

Woodpecker: spirit animal – Date of birth between June 21 and July 21

Salmon: zodiac sign – Date of birth between July 22 and August 21

Bear: spirit animal – Date of birth between August 22 and September 21

Raven: inner animal – Date of birth between September 22 and October 22

Snake: power animal – Date of birth between October 23 and November 22

Owl: power animal – Date of birth between November 23 and December 21

Goose: power animal – Date of birth between December 22 and January 19

How is your spirit according to your totem animal

Otter: independent people, a different vision of reality, adequate reasoning, intelligent and creative, but rebellious and ruthless

Wolf: passionate and emotional people, with heart and philosophy, stubborn, obsessive, and impractical in certain situations

Falcon: ingenious people who know how to get out of problems with their heads; ability to concentrate, brilliant but pessimistic

Beaver: people who usually command, efficient and calm, hard workers and perfectionists; loyal, compassionate, helpful and generous but somewhat cowardly

Deer: very creative, ingenious, cheerful, inspiring people… with an environmental mentality, demanding with themselves, presumptuous and temperamental

Woodpecker: affective people, they know how to listen to others; jealous, angry, and possessive; dedicated, affectionate and romantic

Salmon: intuitive and vital, amiable and recognized among their many friends; brilliant, intuitive, and generous; sensual in love

Bear: pragmatic and firm to control of problems, dedicated, generous and loving; humble and timidity with great temperance

Raven: enthusiastic, brave, and enterprising, with charisma among others and always with a good attitude; friendly, intuitive, and patient

Snake: linked to the spiritual world, mysterious and terrifying; fun, helpful, and caring people; though violent and dark

Owl: adaptable and flexible people; adventurous and brave; passionate, delicate, and very attentive in love

Goose: they are persevering, ambitious and tenacious individuals; tenacious in their goals; he is a good friend and counselor; kind, sensual, and passionate in love.

Origin of Totemism

The origin of totemism is established through different hypotheses arising from various researchers, who expressed that this practice began as a result of reincarnation, noting that the members of the tribe were animals in another life. Hence, such a close spiritual relationship is established with the totems and objects that keep the spirit of the selected animal. The word has American origin, used for the first time by ancient civilizations of this continent.

While other scholars warn different intentions for use, explaining that it could have been created to identify neighboring tribes. Making social distinctions between the inhabitants of territory is determined according to work done; for example, if a tribe was strong and had healing abilities, it was called the Buffalo clan. In the same way, that same will be their totem; they will even place images in their homes to differentiate them from other tribes.

On the other hand, choosing a particular species could no longer be hunted by other clans or sub-clans; They were for the exclusive use of a specific group. The experts also state that its use began to take care of the species, avoiding its extinction, demonstrating the nobility and the spiritual relationship that the ethnic groups reached with the different natural species. What was shown with the prohibition of consuming the chosen animal as a totem?

Within totemism, we can find specific subdivisions, of which the following classifications can be mentioned:

Individual Totemism

It was characterized by relating the figure of the totem with essential personalities of the tribal society, such as leaders and shamans since they fulfilled the function of guides just as the totem did. The belief established that the totem could grant powers to its possessors; they, in general, were identified with the form of a specific animal and maintained a friendly relationship with it. Being so close that the believer could suffer the same ailments as the totem; if the animal that represented him suffered an injury, its owner also suffered.

In ancient cultures, totemism represented the soul of people, which is why there were different types; each animal would be closely related to the spiritual characteristics of a given person. Which were focused or related to certain natural species; For example, if you were a brave being, then the totem should be of the jaguar or the bear. Animals that reveal strength and courage, capable of overcoming anyone who stands in their way.

Group Totemism

Group totemism has its foundations in individual totemism since it is a sample of evolution; all living beings and natural phenomena could represent a spiritual guide. However, the majority was inclined towards the selection of animals. Species that once selected could not be hunted, and that also connected the members of a clan or tribe; who had the right to name their families through the totem, of which there could be a secondary one.

The totems show the spiritual strength of each person, demonstrating a supernatural power, where man maintained a harmonious relationship with the different natural species, creating new clans every day. Thanks to the evolution of the generations, who needed to create a new totem that identified the new tribe.