Dolphin Symbolism and Meaning

Dolphins are an animal that has always been highly valued and hence their presence in many movies that we have been able to see, for example. Due to all this, we must dedicate an entire article to the meaning and symbology of these animals.

Dolphin Symbology

Considered by many cultures as the king of the sea, abilities or characteristics of kings are associated with him, not of the dominant kings. In fact, one of the meanings that has been most associated with them is the meaning of grace.

The main values and keywords associated with dolphins are: transcendence, consideration, chivalry, harmony, intelligence, friendship, community, resurrection, community, power, etc.

Dolphin Characteristics

First, it is important to remember some of the most special characteristics of these adorable animals:

  • They can dive and swim up to 260 meters (about 853.02 ft) below the surface of the sea, although they are usually found at a shallower depth as they need to come out to breathe.
  • They can stay underwater for 15 minutes and then come out for air.
  • They use a technique called echolocation that works like radar to find food and find their way around.
  • They are very sociable, live in groups and distribute tasks, such as obtaining food.
  • They can communicate with each other and with us even if we cannot understand.
  • Depending on the species, some dolphins can swim at a speed of up to 32 km (about 19.88 mi)/h.
  • They are very smart.

For Christians, dolphins are an important animal and from their point of view, dolphins are a symbol of resurrection. Some artists use the characteristics of balance and inner peace of these animals as a message of well-being in relation to the purity of the heart.

Some legends affirm that the dolphins oversaw transporting the souls of people who died, leaving the bodies along the way, on the earthly side. This legend is related to the Greek culture, which was the one that affirmed that these animals were responsible for carrying the souls, the messengers.

Greek culture is also responsible for associating the dolphin with two elements that may seem contrary, on the one hand solar symbolism and on the other, lunar symbolism; both are represented in this animal. In relation to the sun, what is associated with this animal is: activity, life, vibration, health, renewal, and intelligence. As for the symbolism that refers to the moon, it is related to: intuition, hidden power, dreams, conception, and femininity.

It is important to understand this duality, to understand that the dolphin is related to symbols that may seem contrary. So much so that it is also related to mammals and fish, water, and air… For all these reasons, the dolphin tells us about being in two different worlds at the same time, a symbol related to this animal is ying and yang and you can imagine the why with what has been explained so far.

Other associations of this animal with other elements are, in relation to certain characters from Greek and Roman mythology:

Poseidon (Greek) and Neptune (Roman): themes related to royalty, rules, authority, strength, dominance, freedom, intelligence, compassion, protection over the kingdom (the sea).

Eros (Greek) and Cupid (Roman): these gods contribute to the meaning of the dolphin and in relation to them some of the elements to be highlighted are love, friendship, sensuality, desire, exploration, curiosity, attraction, and enjoyment.

Dionysus (Greek) and Bacchus (Roman): the themes related to the animal are joviality, freedom, fierceness, creativity, and ease of expression.

According to the Greeks, they usually relate the dolphin to the moon and femininity, more than other cultures.

The Celts see dolphins as an honorable creature and considered the protector of the sacred waters. For the Celts it is the guard of the waters and not only that, but of all the elements that have a relationship with water.

On the other hand, the dolphin is also considered a symbol of protection. In fact, the legends admit that it is an incredibly special animal and this is because some sailors in critical situations were helped by dolphins. Although we do not know if this is true or not, what is true is the countless world of legends surrounding this animal and the friendly interaction that they carry out with some humans, even sometimes, in a protective way.

It is a species with great empathy capable of connecting emotionally with species other than its own, such as humans, which is why they are said to have a generous spirit.

The meaning of the Dolphin as an amulet

Seeing a dolphin, I bet, makes you smile as much as it does me. They are very sociable, cheerful, and intelligent marine mammals. It is said, among other things, that they are good luck, so today I will tell you how wearing a dolphin amulet can protect you and bring good things to your life.

The meaning of the dolphin as an amulet

The qualities of the dolphin have made it possible to create a bond with humans since very ancient times. They are generous, brave and know how to be friends, as they have shown in multiple stories where they are placed as saviors and protectors of the sailors. They not only have empathy for us, but also for other animals.

I will tell you an incredibly beautiful story; in the channel of Marco Island in Florida, United States, a dog named Turbo was lost, who was swimming and very exhausted, when the dolphins saw him, they immediately knew that he was in trouble, so they began to make a big rampage to attract attention until he succeeds and is rescued by firefighters.

Just like this there are many stories, one of the reasons why carrying a dolphin as an amulet brings us luck and protection.