Dreaming of Eggs | Meaning and Interpretation

Traditionally, the egg symbolizes the cosmos from which all life forms originate. It represents the fertilized world and the origin of manifested life. The primordial egg or the cosmic egg succeeds in chaos. It contains within itself masculine and feminine principles. It symbolizes renewal and cyclical births as rediscovered unity, which tends towards duality. But it is an evolution.

The egg is the germ of original life. Thus, the egg represents the female ovum, of the fertile potential of the woman, child, or project. The egg begets something new. The number is indicative of the potential but beware of their fragility. In this sense, a broken egg symbolizes a destroyed project.

The presence of an egg in a dream is very positive. It symbolizes a rediscovered harmony, a unity of personality resulting from a perfect balance between the feminine and the masculine plenitude. This inner osmosis is fruitful. It is the promise of germination, potential for life, physical or spiritual fruitfulness, and an inner richness that will flourish. It is a rebirth for the person, a very important potential that she carries.

They are the symbol of abundance and wealth. The meaning of dreaming about eggs represents luck that something good is about to happen and something is likely to get better in your life.

These are dreams that normally relate to good omens, prosperity, happy and positive times are coming, and the secret is to know how to catch the train when it passes in front of us because sometimes it only happens once in a lifetime.

The meaning of dreaming of eggs is special, and it is because its almost perfect shape, oval and spherical at the same time, represents the divine; and its white color is a sign of genuine purity. There are many meanings depending on the dream’s details. Here are the most common.

Dreaming of egg: What you need to know

The meaning of dreaming of one or more eggs is announcing a beneficial change for your life or your family and implies quite pleasant surprises. Somehow, wherever they are in the dream world, eggs are future benefits and have a mostly positive meaning.

Dreaming of an egg in a bed

These dreams represent the origin of something; they symbolize fertility and, therefore, often new things. They symbolize the birth of an idea or a project in the material sense. Something new is being created, and it will be good for us, depending on how we see the glass: half full or half empty.

The dreamer’s attitude towards dreams and life, in general, is important because if we interpret the events that optimistically happen to us, the unconscious reflects a good thing to come through this dream, and vice versa.

Dreaming of eggs in a nest

To dream of a nest with chicken eggs clearly and directly means to earn money. If the eggs, instead of being still and closed, hatch, it means that we will make many journeys and fortunes through them and that what is at present practically insignificant, in time, will be something very important in our life

Dream about someone eating our eggs

In the clear sense of the term, we dream that they steal from us; they take away the riches to come. We have to review the projects we have in mind because the idea may have made them copy or they want to take it away, which will cause us problems. You have to be careful what you are dealing with because others are lurking, and these projects will bring us wealth and prosperity.

Dreaming of fried eggs

This type of dream represents the idea of ​​perfection in the development of an idea, and this leads to economic wealth. Dreaming of fried eggs tells us that perseverance and effort to achieve excellence is, sometimes, the only way to achieve what we want.

We must be consistent and persistent to achieve our goals and objectives. The competition is very tough, and we have to be superior to overthrow them. Do not give up if you have dreamed of a fried egg and have a new project in hand. Go for it, and you will surely achieve it.

Dreaming of eggshells

It is a sign that the person dreaming of it is suffering from internal pain and pain. It may indicate that the dreamer is in a fragile moment in his life, in a vulnerable state to what is happening around him. We have to reconsider and see why we are suffering and having a bad time and always look for the reason for the suffering to find a solution, and we always have to reconsider and see if it is for money or some other reason.

Dreaming of rotten eggs

If you have ever dreamed of a rotten egg, you may have felt like throwing up. We all know rotten eggs smell bad, and they’re disgusting. We don’t like them. So, if we dream of rotten eggs, it is because we are doing something wrong. An idea that we want to implement can bring us misfortune and bad luck. Wealth goes away like rotting eggs and comes to nothing.

The egg is authentic and vital, and that is why it is the origin of many ideas and projects, but if we dream of rotten eggs, it is because this goal that we are pursuing is corrupted and potentially aborted, just like the egg rots. That’s why we must take care of our thoughts so that they end and we achieve what we want.

Dreaming of hatching eggs

We are witnessing the creation and birth of a good idea, a project that we have been incubating for a long time and for which many people are betting. Dreaming of chicks is a positive dream that implies happiness and satisfaction because past sufferings have their reward, and everything has meaning. We made an effort, and we now see the way out of misery.

Dreaming of colored eggs

These dreams show us the way to harmony and inner peace and teach us that appearances are only for the pretentious. Originality and freshness would be the words by which we must guide our actions.

If we do, we will be happy, making those around us happy. We must let life flow naturally and not pretend to accumulate all the wealth.

On the other hand, dreaming of black eggs symbolizes enemies who are stalking you very closely. Pay attention to negative events happening around you. Put your personal affairs in order, clean your house and eliminate bad energies.

Dreaming of blue eggs suggests that you are not carrying out your ideas. It would help if you corrected this action and this attitude because the people around you will no longer trust you.

To see a yellow egg in your dream signifies financial luck. You will get everything you need to feel good and live comfortably.

To dream of dark-hued eggs indicates that you face a lot of confusion and tangles. You are terrified of so many circumstances, and you don’t know how to deal with them.

On the other hand, a golden egg is a sign of good fortune and great news that you will receive.

Dreaming of white eggs

These types of dreams symbolize honesty and the good work of the dreamer. If we dream of white chicken eggs, we are genuine people with good values ​​, and we understand that, in life, the end does not justify the means. A dream of white eggs indicates that your future in love is secure. Everything will work perfectly for you. You are very kind, and it will bring you a lot of happiness.

Dreaming of free-range egg

When you dream of eggs from free-range hens, rest assured that positive changes will soon come to your life. Not only will they relate to the material side but also your spiritual side, helping you reach your potential.

However, this positive scenario will only have a chance to happen if you use your experiences and knowledge to deal with future difficulties.

The dream of a free-range chicken egg confirms new growth opportunities. However, it would help to find your success if you faced your fears and doubts.

Dreaming of Easter egg

An Easter egg in a dream is an invitation to a significant event in your routine. In other words, you will have the opportunity to put your projects into play so that they can be carried out. Therefore, you need to work on your attention to see the right moment to act and not lose any chance of growth.

Dream of boiled egg

In this case, there is a chance that your work will be recognized soon, making way for your promotion. However, if you’re not currently working, your entrepreneurial side may be starting to be seen by others.

Dreaming of hot egg

This kind of dream shows that love is ready to happen now. It’s often the kind of intense love that brings joy.

Dream about eating an egg

Eating eggs in a dream shows that you will experience some unusual family troubles in your life so far. This reality may scare you, as the dream also indicates your insecurity about the present moment. So, try to increase the attention on family matters and work on harmony at home.

Dreaming of a hen hatching an egg

This dream shows how strong your family ties can be. When the hen hatches eggs in a dream, we have a reflection of the protection, care, and patience that exists in the relationship we have with someone. If this person is not a member of your family, they are a friend or co-worker.

Dream about collecting eggs

When you find yourself collecting eggs in a dream, you will have a good time at work. You may be rewarded with money and the admiration and respect of those who live with you daily.

Yet, however you climb, never let your essence be lost along the way. It is thanks to her and her competence that people salute her efforts. Also, know that it is very positive to show others how rewarding it is to know your abilities.

Dream about finding or winning eggs

Already dreaming of a chicken egg found or received as a gift from someone indicates a new beginning. So know that certain cycles in your life will close while others will open for you to have new experiences. Take advantage of this time of new phases to take care of your health.

If you are presented with the eggs by chance, there is a chance that someone close to you will start to like you very much. We are not talking about the emergence of a potential meeting but about a real friendship with someone who believes in you and supports you.

Dream about the eggs of some animals

Ostrich egg dream represents stagnation in your life. It would help if you fought with more momentum and vigor. This dream announces that you need to leave your comfort zone if you want to progress.

Dreaming of duck eggs is linked to the possibility of carrying out daring projects. It is an auspicious dream to embark on new projects. You can also plan a trip or something that will change your routine.

A dream of turtle eggs portends the arrival of a proposal. Accept it because everything is given to succeed because you are in a masterful moment where everything is in your favor.

Seeing quail eggs in a dream invites you not to give your confidence easily. Someone around you will betray you.

Dreaming about pigeon eggs indicates that you will communicate with someone who lives far away. A desire arises within you to travel and get to where that person is.

Spider eggs in a dream show how brilliant you can be, but you don’t let it know.

You have skills, and you leave them undeveloped since you don’t want others to see them. You need to stop this paralyzing attitude and start weaving in strategies to overcome this shyness and show your true self.

A snake egg dream indicates serious problems with a particular person. You need to have your back now.

Likewise, dreaming of cockroach eggs signifies many people generating conflict around you. They get you involved in nasty things you don’t want to. Try to get away from these dangerous characters as fast and far as possible.

Dreaming of a fly laying eggs expresses your feelings of guilt. Something not very pleasant that you have done is tormenting you.

Seeing lice eggs in a dream reveals problems in your relationships with others. Some of your “friends” are bad associates and do not benefit you. They have bad behavior and involve you in their debauchery. These are very toxic people that you must eradicate immediately.

Dream of eggs meaning/interpretation in Islam

  1. Dreaming of eggs in Islam and breaking them by blunder reveals that the actions of the dreamer lack reflection.
  2. To see decomposed or rotten eggs in an Islamic dream is a sign of ovarian problems for a Muslim woman. For a Muslim man, it is an omen of a decline in physical fitness.
  3. In the meaning of dreams in Islam, eggshells represent a gift you hoped for but did not happen.
  4. Buying eggs in a dream is a harbinger of the coming of big profits for the dreamer.
  5. The interpretation of hatched eggs in Islam indicates that someone is trying to distract you from your romantic relationship.
  6. Dreaming of eggs and finding eggs in a dream almost always announces in Islam a family quarrel.
  7. For Muslim women, dreaming of beating eggs is an omen of pregnancy. This predicts a birth in the entourage; dreaming of collecting eggs has the same interpretation.
  8. If you pick it up in your dream, it announces prosperity, family joys, and financial success in Islam. Finding it on the ground predicts a romantic encounter or even an engagement.
  9. In Islam, seeing broken eggs in a dream most often announces disappointments in love.
  10. Dreaming of colored eggs appearing in a dream can mean that a big heartache will hurt you.
  11. Red eggs in a dream are a harbinger in Islam of death or great anger of a friend, or it is sometimes a sign of fire danger.
  12. Dreaming of yellow eggs in Islam can mean that the dreamer will fall ill.
  13. Dreaming of eggs and seeing chicks hatch is an omen of a happy event in the family setting, which will lead to a great progression in the dreamer’s existence.
  14. If a Muslim dreamer throws rotten eggs on a person, an injustice he has done will be avenged.
  15. Easter eggs in a dream indicate that you need to take care of your intimate life.
  16. Suppose you are thrown eggs in your dream. This may mean that he will have opposition or legal action against you.
  17. In Islam, making a dish with boiled eggs: in a dream announces an invitation from someone interesting.

Special meanings of dreaming about eggs

  • Dreaming of eggs and seeing bad dishes with eggs predicts Islam arguments within the family.
  • To see a turtle egg in a dream expresses a desire for change in intimate pleasures.
  • Dreaming of buying eggs in Islam sometimes indicates that the dreamer will be able to get a good situation.
  • To see fried eggs in an Islamic dream is an omen of joy.
  • In Islam, dreaming of eating raw eggs is an omen of debauchery, provided they are raw.
  • A white egg seen in a dream is a good omen, as it symbolizes happiness.
  • To dream of beautiful, healthy eggs in an Islamic dream is a good sign for the sentimental and professional field.
  • If boiled eggs are in a basket in a dream, this is an assurance of family well-being.
  • Dreaming of a snake egg is related to intrigue; someone will try to destroy your life.
  • The dream of duck eggs warns you that your prosperity will be at stake in the short term.
  • Dreaming of a black egg is a sign of a loss of profit.

Dreams associated with dreaming of eggs

See “dreaming of a chick, “more meaning regarding the dream of eggs dreaming of hen, birds, duck, ostrich, hatching, hatchery, brooding, laying eggs, omelet, calf, poached, cooking, cockle, fertilization.


Egg dreams also appear when one is seeking food or affection, but many of these dreams often show signs of luck and success. If you dream of eggs and have a good impression, then go ahead, and you will be very successful.