Pregnancy Dream meaning and Interpretation

Every day there are women worldwide who wake up saying something like: “I had a dream that I was pregnant. What does this mean?!” The interpretation of dreams is something that human beings have been studying and debating since time immemorial. There are written records on the subject that are more than 3,800 years old. We could say that dreaming is a type of hallucination that occurs during the R.E.M. of the dream, and it is something that has always aroused a lot of curiosity due to the psychological message behind it.

According to experts, dreams tend to be related to emotions rather than logic. This could explain why we sometimes have strange, crazy, scary, or hilarious dreams. Are you curious to know what it means? We show it below.

It is very common for a woman to dream of pregnancy. It is always a positive perception, a natural evolution of his personality and development, and an expansion. If pregnancy is often an unconscious or conscious desire for gestation, it is also the sign of enrichment, of a new aspect of the personality that will be born.

When you dream that you are pregnant, it does not necessarily mean that you want to have a child! We decipher this dream for you according to your situation. Dreaming of being pregnant can happen to anyone, regardless of gender or age. Yes, even men can dream that their belly is rounding up! What does a dream of pregnancy mean, whether looking in a mirror or announcing the happy news to loved ones? We’ll tell you everything.

If the dreamer expects a girl, it is a regeneration, the appearance of new vitality, a facet of herself that is revealed.

If it is a boy, this gestation is that of its opposite and complementary aspect. This pregnancy symbolizes a creation that she carries within her, which has not yet seen the light of day but is in the making and will soon materialize. Thus, pregnancy is often the symbol of a personal or professional project, a “baby” which is in the process of formation and needs to be nourished from within and well protected.

Being pregnant is a dream that can affect both women and men at any age or time of life. It often reflects change, creativity, and rebirth. Dreaming of being pregnant can symbolize the need to give birth to something, either a project or yourself.

Dream of pregnancy: characteristics

Dreaming of being pregnant does not only concern women because it has nothing to do with the desire to conceive, motherhood, or dreams during pregnancy. Men can also dream of being pregnant.

The pregnancy can be at different terms (first, second or third trimester). It can be carried to term and end in childbirth or, in some cases, in a miscarriage.

This pregnancy that appears in a dream often represents a project or a phase of creativity. The miscarriage and the negative emotions associated with it can symbolize the abortion of this project and its failure. Childbirth and positive emotions, on the contrary, symbolize success, creativity, and the birth of oneself.

Whether in women or men, the dream of pregnancy is characterized by:

  • The contemplation of his rounded belly, either through his gaze or in the mirror;
  • An entourage that rejoices and proudly announces her pregnancy to others;
  • Positive or negative emotions related to pregnancy;
  • Childbirth or miscarriage.

In some cases, negative emotions or a miscarriage can happen, often symbolizing failure or the abortion of a project. In most cases, it is mostly positive feelings surrounding the pregnancy dream.

Dreaming of being pregnant: symbolic meaning

Dreaming of being pregnant, whether for a man or a woman, has many symbolic meanings:

  • The development of a project, a personal or professional enterprise;
  • creativity, imagination;
  • change, evolution;
  • a transition period;
  • an opportunity;
  • new responsibilities;
  • a real desire for pregnancy;
  • birth both literally and figuratively;
  • the productivity;
  • generosity;
  • a new start.

The emotions, the context, or the other people present in the dream, make it possible to orientate on its meaning. Of course, it must also be included in the period of his life, his couple relationship, his professional activity, and his projects.

What are the dreams similar to the dream of pregnancy?

Dreams similar to the dream of pregnancy are:

  1. dreaming of the earth;
  2. dreaming of a round object;
  3. dreaming of chest;
  4. dreaming of another pregnant person;
  5. dreaming of a child;
  6. dream of childbirth, miscarriage.

All dreams that incorporate the symbolism of pregnancy and early childhood can have the same meaning. Round and voluminous shapes can also symbolize a project or a change differently.

The symbolism of pregnancy in the dream

Birth and pregnancy are major life events. Synonymous with moving to a new stage in life, these events are often loaded with symbolism. However, these types of dreams often speak more about our wishes or experiences of change than they predict the actual occurrence of these events. “It’s a fairly powerful symbol but at the same time very simple. It simply speaks of gestation and of something that will materialize, reveal itself in our life.”

Thus, Jung interprets dreams of pregnancy as the beginning of maturation. “Dreaming of being pregnant refers to a situation where something is in the making in our life, of which we are not necessarily aware, which is supposed to be born at one time or another,” specifies the specialist.

Are you dreaming of being pregnant: a sign of personal changes?

The dream of pregnancy often symbolizes a personal evolution: we are progressing, developing, and ready to plan our life and achieve our goals. “It can be a change of life, a new facet of our personality that needs to be revealed, a character trait that needs to be highlighted, the birth of a relationship.”

Dreams that relate to the theme of birth are generally positive and reflect a natural evolution of personality, an expansion of it. It is the symbol of what is happening within us. “It will always be something that requires a time of maturation, preparation, gestation and which, in any case, is necessary,” assures the psychotherapist.

They emphasize the need to expel something that one carries within oneself, concretize, exteriorize, and bring into the world. To dream of having a child corresponds to a rebirth, a form of self-fulfillment. In short, being pregnant in a dream indicates that a new life is offered to us and invites self-discovery.

You dream of being pregnant when you want a child or are pregnant

If one is trying to conceive in real life or desires to have a baby, this dream reflects an expression of our desire for motherhood and pregnancy. When the dream is concomitant with the context, that is to say, that the dreamer is pregnant, it reveals, according to its scenario, the natural fears, and desires inspired by the birth of a child. “You must always consider the person’s situation, how she experiences her pregnancy, how she relates to this new situation, how she projects herself into the future.”

Most of the time, there is no symbolic interpretation to make of it, except that it expresses the wish that the birth goes well. The dream deserves that we consider all its elements, namely “the scenario, the environment, the emotions felt,” insists the psychotherapist.

Dreaming of being pregnant when you don’t want children

For those who do not want children, dreaming of being pregnant can be disturbing. However, as we have seen, this dream of pregnancy often symbolizes the gestation of an idea or the preparation of a project. It is not necessarily a sign of something that will or should happen.

“If you dream of being pregnant and you don’t want a child, it can be interesting to ask yourself if you are not in ambivalence, if there is not a part of you who would like to and whom you prefer not to hear.” It is sometimes the manifestation of an inner conflict. If one remains concerned about the scenario, one should not hesitate to consult a therapist.

What’s the interpretation of a dream of childbirth gone wrong?

In some cases, the story experienced in the dream can be less positive and distressing for a while, like dreams of miscarriage in which the baby is lost. “If it’s something we haven’t experienced and that we’re afraid of, we’ll have to look into why we have that fear. Has it ever happened in our family, for example?”

“It can mean the failure of a project, a change that does not succeed,” explains the specialist. A miscarriage scene manifests the absence of results and the interruption of a creative project. It indicates a situation of failure, proven or real. Any unusual or monstrous birth (giving birth to an animal, a creature) reveals the dreamer’s fears and anxieties. Finally, if a pregnant woman, in reality, has a nightmare during which the pregnancy goes badly, this can reveal her fears about the experience of carrying a child.

Something new in this insight: dreaming of being pregnant

In many cases, happiness is associated with the dream of pregnancy. Thinking that you are pregnant has a symbolic meaning: the development or the completion of a project close to your heart, a change in life (moving, transfer, etc.), a new opportunity or new responsibilities, a new start, etc. Dreaming of being pregnant is synonymous with a change in your life.

Dreaming of pregnancy when you want to have a child or when you are pregnant

For mothers-to-be or women on a baby trial, dreaming of expecting a child parallels dreams and reality. In pregnant women, this can mean that they are eager to meet their baby and are a little apprehensive about the idea. Sometimes they will dream that they are having a miscarriage, a reflection of their fear in reality, or that their future baby is not human, which again relates to their anxieties about what awaits them after birth.

For those expecting to be pregnant, this dream can also mean that their desire for motherhood is becoming more and more pressing. It may reveal their anxieties about expecting pregnancy and what will happen afterward.

When the dream of being pregnant is associated with childbirth or miscarriage

Positive emotions are often associated with this dream. When it ends in childbirth, it may mean that you are nearing the end of an important project for you. The whole means success and creativity and the “birthing” of yourself as if you were a new person you finally realized.

When negative feelings are associated with being pregnant, especially when the dreamer dreams of having a miscarriage, it is often a characterization of the fear of seeing a project fail.

What does it mean to dream that you are pregnant?

Dreams about being pregnant can be interpreted in various ways, but there is still no proof that a specific dream is based on reality. Many pregnancy dreams that can later “come true” have to do with the subconscious more than anything else.

In reality, the meaning depends on the experiences of each one, emotions, recent or past experiences, feelings, and, of course, our personality. But, in general, we can give some answers.

If you are pregnant

If you are and you know it, it may be that this dream responds to the happiness of becoming a mother, your desire for the pregnancy to progress normally, the illusion of seeing your baby, etc.

On the contrary, it could also mean anxiety about responsibility before the arrival of a child, worries about whether you will do well, or even fear that something will not go according to plan.

If you are not pregnant

If you are not a mother, dreaming that you are pregnant can reflect the conscious desire to be a mother soon. This is common in women who think of themselves as being or have been trying for a long time.

According to the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, who wrote the famous work “The Interpretation of Dreams,” we could also say that if you dream that you are pregnant, it would mean that your unconscious self is fulfilling its illusion of being a mother, even if your conscious self does not know it. But we also know that, according to critics, Freud’s time has run out and that some of his theories are today questioned.

So why do you dream that you are pregnant if you are not?

There are different reasons why you might have these dreams frequently.

Time of maturity and inner growth

Being a mother implies a lot of responsibility and is a big step in life. Therefore, it is possible that dreaming that you are pregnant means that you are feeling some fear of entering a new stage in your life with more obligations and burdens. Or that you are showing concern about becoming an adult, which costs you accepting and assuming maturity.

You want to make changes in your life

Having a child means a change of life and priorities, so this type of dream could have behind it a great desire to make changes in your life that make a big difference or novelty.

It may be something you have been pending for a long time or forgotten in the past because you did not give it importance or did not dare. Therefore, perhaps it is time to start a new chapter in your life: work, family, personal.

The interpretation of sleep varies depending on the situation in which you dream of being pregnant. We now show you the most common dream scenarios related to pregnancy and what they could mean.

You dream that you are pregnant, but you don’t want to

If you dream that you are pregnant, but in reality, it is not something you want, the dream could indicate the fear or fear that something is causing you in your real life.

It could also show a certain feeling of denial towards a specific event in your life. You would like to avoid it, but in reality, you have to face it, and you don’t know how because changes scare you. It could be any situation that you know is going to happen or that you should make happen and that causes you anxiety, distress, or stress.

Dream that you feel the baby in your womb

In this case, it would be a sign that you are beginning to be aware of your emotions and feelings in a clearer way. The belly is closely related to the most visceral and deep emotions. Therefore, dreaming that you feel the baby inside you could indicate that these emotions are beginning to surface.

Dream that you are pregnant with twins

Mothers and fathers of twins know very well that this news means twice as much joy and as many worries and fears. Dreaming that you are pregnant with twins could reflect that you are worried about possible problems or difficulties in future projects.

Dream of pregnancy and childbirth

This dream could mean that you have achieved success in your life after putting in a lot of effort.

Dream that you are pregnant and lose it

This dream could be related to frustrating projects you have had in your life that you have not forgotten or the fear of not achieving a certain goal that you set for yourself.

Although it is less common, it may surprise you that men can also dream that they are pregnant. And the interpretation of these dreams would have the same meaning or reason as those of a woman who is not pregnant.

Lastly, it is important to note that if you often have these types of dreams and feel like they are disturbing you, this could be a sign that you need to talk to a professional. A psychologist will certainly help you work more deeply on your thoughts and emotions.