Elephant Symbolism and Meaning

The elephant in the decoration taking into account Feng Shui symbolizes protection, good luck, wisdom and fertility. You can place this symbol in any space in your home, in your home or in the office. The elephant’s trunk is the feng shui cure and is very sensitive and powerful as the animal uses it to drink, gather food, greet friends and ward off enemies.

Elephant Symbology

In most cases, elephants are represented with their trunks up as this symbolizes good luck. If you want the elephant to be a symbol of friendship and love, then you will have to look for two elephants with their trunks intertwined.

For the Hindus, it symbolizes and means “The one who opens the paths” and means “Destroyer of obstacles”.

The Elephant and Fertility

One of the most popular uses of elephants in Feng Shui is to improve the fertility of women, and it will have to have its trunk down as this way the elephant can propel itself through obstacles giving the necessary energy to a woman. couple who are seeking fertility.

Home and Family Protection

Due to its strength and physical power, the elephant also represents family protection and stability in Feng Shui. A pair of elephants can often be seen at the entrance to buildings in Asia, in temples and even in businesses.

Elephants have a sense of respect and humility with strength and power. They are ideal for colors in the main entrance of your home.

In addition, the elephant can represent good luck, wisdom and knowledge and a good connection of energy from within you to the world.

The Symbol of the elephant in Tattoos

The meaning of the Elephant Tattoos can vary in relation to the culture to which it refers, however we have been able to appreciate that they are mostly associated with strength, honor, stability, patience and good fortune among other attributes that We’ll see later.

The white elephant is a symbol of Buddhism even today and in its association with Buddha, the meaning of an elephant tattoo conveys compassion, sincerity, peace, love and kindness.

One of the most common elephant tattoos shows a family. Generally there is a larger elephant that represents the father, a medium one that represents the mother and a smaller one that represents the son. That’s because elephants are known for their attitudes that show family zeal, as they are united and cooperate with each other.

The totem elephant has the meaning of strength, honor, stability and patience, among other attributes.

In general, the elephant represents reliability, dignity and bearing, power and strength, and pride.

In Christian symbolism, the elephant is an icon of temperance, patience, and chastity.

As a Chinese symbol, the elephant is considered a symbol of happiness, longevity, and good luck.

Some Asian cultures also believe that the elephant is a cosmic creature, carrying the world on its back. (just like the tortoise does in some American Indian myths).

In India, the elephant occupies an important place in everyday life. The elephant has become a domesticated animal, which performs tasks ranging from transportation to the Maharaja to tasks in the field.

There the elephant is a family animal, unlike the African elephant, which retains all its wild properties.

Also in the sacred sphere, since Ganesha is the elephant god, who is very popular for his cosmic beneficence and his blessed properties.

In the way of Hindu thought, the elephant is in the form of Ganesha, who is the god of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing on all new projects.

Ganesha in all his magnificently animated elephant glory, intends by invoking him to demolish obstacles on his behalf (interestingly, male elephants are called “bulls”)

In the dream world, elephants give a message that we are capable of coping with whatever obstacles we are facing at the time. Dreaming of the elephant represents the power, sovereignty, stability and solidity of the place.

It is popularly said that dreaming of elephants brings luck. Although in our culture the elephant represents weight, discomfort, the dream of the animal is a good omen. In addition, tradition says that the representation of the elephant with its trunk up and with its back facing the front door of the house attracts good luck.

If you dream that you are riding an elephant this suggests that you have a tendency to be the leader of the family, and others are heavily depending on you.

If you dream of elephants in a circus this suggests that you are having an arrogant attitude towards a situation in your life. The elephant totem teaches that you must pay attention to this.

The elephant is considered a symbol of responsibility, since it has a lot of care and responsibility for its children, just as it takes care of its elders. The elephant is really a model of family life and values.

The elephant also has immense determination and loyalty – always for others and always defending members of the group in their natural habitat.

Elephants also express great sensitivity and social connection, particularly during the time they know death is approaching, they travel to a specific place upon death – fulfilling personal responsibility to the end of their lives is very important to them. days.

Elephants are the embodiment of strength, power and wisdom, and are one of the animals with the longest memory, which also provides this quality as an amulet. Good memory

The Elephant totem teaches us that we should be affectionate towards family, taking care of the young and the elderly. Elephants have been known to grieve when a family member has passed away. They have an incredible memory.

Elephants are the most intelligent creatures and are honored by many cultures. In the Buddhist and Hindu tradition, the elephant is represented as a manifestation of the gods.

Elephants bring good luck, long life, wisdom, ward off envy. Elephants teach us to be resilient in the face of adversity and to have patience and resilience.

In China, elephants are considered a powerful lucky charm. In the use of Feng Shui elephants are placed near piggy banks, safes, or in the hall of the house. It is said that to attract wealth and money you must have your trunk up.