10 Spirit Animals that symbolize power and strength

Have you ever wondered which are the strongest animals in the world? Normally, some, like the elephant or the Lion, come to mind right off the bat.

However, strength is not necessarily related to size. In relative terms, some animals can be considered a symbol of strength even though their size is tiny.

Below, we offer you a list of 10 animals that symbolize strength, either because of their size, fierceness, or ability to move objects.

Spirit Animals that Symbolize Strength

1- The Lion


They call him the king of the jungle for a reason. The Lion is, without a doubt, the most respected animal. There is no other animal that has the idea to attack a lion. His strength is that one leg is enough to finish off his prey.

As if this were not enough, lions usually attack in a pack, acting in a coordinated manner, making them much more lethal.

The Lion is not only a symbol of strength, one of its main qualities but also of bravery and fierceness.

One of the meanings that are most closely related to lions, as you can imagine, is that of strength. In addition, being a nocturnal creature is related to the meaning of authority.

When we observe the Lion in nature, we can easily detect that they have a very important characteristic, dignity. The Lion is born powerful, and power comes to him naturally. Each of us is unique and powerful, just like the lions. The Lion has to remind us of this.

Some of the messages that the lion offers are: have courage and be fair; stand tall and remember the power we have within; keep our heads high. Even in conflict situations, we must maintain dignity; it may be time to defend something that we love with our hearts, defend it fiercely; show our facet of authority (not in a dominant way), and let others see that you can be authoritarian.

Interestingly, the Lion is considered by many ancient cultures as an animal related to the sun as well, not only as a nocturnal creature, as noted above, because it is an animal that hunts mainly at night. For this reason, lions are also related to the moon. A rather marked duality can be observed here.

This can serve us as a symbol of balance since the Lion shares the world of night and day. The Lion sends us a message of caution because we must be attentive to all the elements of our lives so that there is a balance between them.

Other values ​​related to the Lion are wisdom, power, loyalty, dignity, courage, justice, ferocity, dominance, and authority.

In Egypt, the Lion represents ferocity and is related to the sun. It was also related to an Egyptian god, Ra. In ancient Greece, lions were identified with some gods such as Dionysus, Cybele, and Artemis. About this theme, the lions were seen as protective elements and guardians of death, palaces, doors, thrones, etc. They were also considered protectors of the heart and home.

For the Hindus, the Lion was related to Vishu, and for the Buddhists, with elements such as consistency, strength, and wisdom. Other elements that have to do with lions are honor, courage, royalty, strength, and leadership.

In astrology, about the zodiac, some of the elements related to this animal are fierceness, loyalty, passion, intuition, generosity, territoriality, control, and self-confidence. Those whose zodiac sign is Leo are independent, self-confident, and self-controlled people. They are creative people with an inner power who can make positive (or negative) changes both in their own lives and in the lives of the people around us. They are very loyal people and would defend the honor of family and friends to death.

When the Lion appears in the dream world, this indicates that we can feel lucky and that we should take a defensive posture. Dreaming of lions can also warn us that we should pay attention to our emotions.

2- The Rhino


Although the Rhinoceros is a generally peaceful animal, its large size, speed, and horn make it truly dangerous when charging. All that moving mass heading towards something or someone is not the most reassuring sight and can be compared to the feeling of being run over by a truck.

The Rhinoceros is not an animal that has enemies in its habitat. Its main threat is the human being since the rhinoceros horn trade is a very lucrative market that leads many poachers to try to kill this animal.

First of all, it should be noted that the rhinoceros is full of contradictory meanings. The rhinoceros is one of the three largest mammals on the planet; Although it is aggressive and badly behaved, it is also a passive animal and enjoys wide open spaces.

One of the paradoxes that we can see here is that things are not what they seem; It may be an animal that is not as aggressive as you might think at first.

The rhinoceros can remind us that we should be grateful for everything that surrounds us and all those infinite things that happen every day. About the intimate connection of the rhinoceros with the land, we can see that it is related to security and connection with nature. When we feel insecure, nervous, or disconnected, we must remember this animal that gives us messages as important as those explained above.

Rhinos have energy related to the sun. This animal is a solid creature with great power. Some of the meanings this species is identified are protection, ambition, very fine senses, and use of resources.

A noteworthy aspect of this animal is the horn; symbolically, it is very important since it is considered a special and unique element. Humans have tried to take the horn because of its importance, but the truth is that when the horn is separated from the animal, it loses all its magic.

Some elements related to rhinoceroses are agility, solidarity, wisdom, paradox, freedom, stability, gratitude, longevity, growth, peace of mind, sensory perception… We must stay with the idea that the rhinoceros is an animal that stands out for its appearance because nothing is what it seems.

3- The Tiger


Another of the strongest animals on the planet is the Tiger. Together with the lion, the jaguar, and the leopard, they form the group of the most dangerous felines that can be found in nature.

His speed, agility, and ferocity are other characteristics that make him lethal, regardless of his strength. It only takes one swipe of its paw for this giant cat to end a person’s life. It is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable symbols of strength in the fauna.

Tiger symbolism is associated with strength, courage, determination, and independence.

It is a powerful animal, so if the Tiger appears to you, it is a sign that you must find the strength and will to overcome the challenges of your life because you already have the capabilities.

Everything related to the Tiger has a great connection with passion and energy. For this reason, the Tiger’s meaning encourages you to wisely choose in which activities you spend those energies, inviting you not to waste them on efforts that do not provide you with something positive.

Time is short, and much of your happiness will come from spending it on things that make you happy, so stop fighting battles that only wear you out but don’t bring you anything.

The Tiger also wants to make you see the importance of being determined and independent. Do not let your failures prevent you from achieving all your dreams. Be patient and optimistic.

Don’t worry if you’re called a quiet, lonely person. Eliminating all distractions improves your focus, and in silence, it becomes easier to detect any movement.

He thinks that the Tiger does not come roaring to where its prey is because doing so means losing it from its reach. Sometimes, you need to give up, flaunt your power, and be more inconspicuous to succeed.

You can apply this meaning by focusing on your goals and working quietly when it comes to your life. When the time is right, you can talk about your success. But getting there requires persistence, patience, and hard work.

The Tiger encourages you to rely on your strength when you need motivation, determination, or courage. If you are going through a difficult situation, the Tiger’s spirit can help you gather that strength that is so necessary for you.

Do you identify with the Tiger? Positive and negative traits of your personality

If you identify with the Tiger, you can be described as someone calm and confident. Intelligent and with a deep charisma make even strangers want to be your friend.

Persistence and a strong will are other characteristics of you. You are very observant when it comes to people and your environment.

You go out of your way to see your loved ones happy, and you work very hard to make sure you give them a good life.

You prefer silence and solitude, and you avoid the hustle and bustle and noisy and crowded places as much as possible because they make you anxious.

If you don’t feel comfortable in a situation, you can get to the point of having an angry reaction to get out of it.

Freedom is basic for you; you can get unpleasant if you feel that they try to limit your movements.

When the Tiger is most likely to appear in your life

These are some of the most frequent situations in which the Tiger usually makes its appearance in your life:

When you feel that opportunities escape you

Lamenting about missed opportunities doesn’t help much, and sometimes, even if you’re not aware, they are opportunities that passed you by because they weren’t really for you. So if you feel frustrated for having lost opportunities that you thought were valuable, the Tiger makes you reflect so that you understand that there will be more opportunities in the future and that those are the ones that matter.

When you are finding it difficult to complete an important task

Being more productive is important, so if you are having a hard time completing a task, the Tiger warns you of the importance of staying focused and putting aside all the things that distract you from your main obligation.

When there are too many distractions that prevent you from moving forward

Disconnect from everything that causes you stress and anxiety. Quiet is necessary to better focus on your thoughts and understand your emotions. Only then can you move forward in achieving your goals.

What can you learn from the Tiger?

You can learn to develop your inner strength and self-confidence from the Tiger to accomplish amazing feats.

Focus on the things you are passionate about and be persistent in pursuing your dreams. You have plenty of skills, so it’s time that you don’t lose focus.

4- The Bear

bear as spirit animal totem

There are many varieties of bears, from the brown bear to the polar bear or the grizzly bear, but all are characterized by extraordinary strength.

Their imposing size and weight make them a fearsome foe for any species. No matter how strong or wild it may be, no animal wants to face a bear.

The chances of surviving a bear attack are minimal because despite being very bulky animals, they move faster than you might expect.

First of all, we must be aware that the bear is a symbol with many contradictions. On the one hand, we can observe an image of a bear in a state of tranquility and, on the other hand, bear as a symbol of power and as a warrior.

There are other contradictions when looking at bears in the wild. Although it is omnivorous (it eats meat and herbs), the bear prefers a diet based on sweet things such as berries. We can observe the bear as a friendly animal, sweet, with bearable energy, etc., when conditions are favorable.

Some symbols associated with this animal are courage, peace, resurrection, power, benevolence, motherhood, and duality.

Some of the concepts associated with the bear are very deep, have great meaning, and can be useful to us on our life path. Some of the fields in which we must keep this animal in mind are:

In the field of patience and connection. The idea of ​​hibernating with our ideas or projects until a better time comes along. In addition, the bear encourages us to connect with two elements, the forces of the earth and those of the spiritual world.

Regarding security and authority, we can realize that nobody questions the presence of a bear. That authority is something implicit, part of its being, and this is a valuable lesson that we can take from this animal.

Parenting and protection are two other values ​​to consider and are related to mother bears. The key is that in their upbringing, mother bears let their children experiment and investigate so that they can learn for themselves.

The bear is a symbol of motherhood and child protection. However, another meaning that gains strength is that the bear is seen as a dominant animal, and when its space is disturbed, it is always fully prepared to defend itself. In this climate, in which the bear is not so calm, we can observe other meanings different from those seen so far, which is in line with courage and the theme of warriors.

As said before, the bear is also associated with the moon and with the night’s movements; in fact, it is said to live according to the moon’s cycles (from an Indian perspective). This connection between the moon and the bear was related to the hibernation patterns of this animal.

Some of the symbolism related to the bear’s hibernation is Yin (referring to Yin and Yang), the moon, winter, femininity, darkness, introspection, and the subconscious. On the contrary, the awakening of the bear is related to Yang, the sun, action, masculinity, spring and summer, light, extroversion, and conscientiousness.

In this way, we can see that there are two faces in terms of the symbolism of this animal. Another theme associated with it and that was named in words associated with this animal is the theme of resurrection. After a long period of sleep, introspection, and inactivity, the bear emerges victorious and goes in search of food to continue on his way.

5- The Anaconda/Snake


The Anaconda is known for its jaw’s strength and grip. The hug of an anaconda is deadly, and it is enough to exert pressure with its body to kill even much larger prey.

The snake is an animal that generates reluctance in many people and fear for the poisonous specimens and whose bite is lethal. However, they are reptiles that generate sympathy in many cultures, living with them without any problem due to their symbology. And is that, throughout history, snakes have been used as a symbol of powerful people.

What does it Mean to Dream of Snakes

 The esoteric meaning of the snake in Egyptian culture

The snake is one of the symbols used the most in Egyptian culture, especially in the historical stage corresponding to Ancient Egypt. In this culture, the snake embodied power, but in its double aspect: good and evil.

The good: the cobra snake or Wadjet represented a positive power. And it is that it was conceived as the force of growth and was related to the fertility of the soil and the influx of water. In addition, it was associated with the heat of the sun and the flame of fire. It also represented protection, being the most used symbol in Lower Egypt. Even the snake was conceived as the pharaoh’s protection.

Evil: the snake also had other considerations because it was associated with the forces of evil that lived in Duat. With this word, the underworld of Egyptian mythology was called, and it was the place where the trial of the god Osiris was held.

Spiritual meaning of the serpent in the East

Another geographical area in which the snake has always been, and continues to be, very present in its culture. In this area, depending on the country and historical times, it has different meanings, although it is still an animal related to power.

Ancient Near East: At this time, the snake was highly valued because it was associated with healing power. Hence it was revered. Besides, it was seen in her that she was an animal that lived a long time and that she was a benefactor.

Far East: The snake is also associated in this culture with power. This animal is sacred and considered divine. And because? The key is related to wisdom, energy, and strength. In addition, it is considered to be a protector against evil forces. A clear example of its importance is that the God Shiva is represented with a cobra in the Hindu culture.

China: within the East, China deserves a specific mention when talking about the meaning of snakes. In this culture, this animal is also conceived as a protector, being used as a symbol of many martial arts and even the Great Wall of China. Its power is even equal to that of the dragon.

India: is another of the countries in which the snake is very present in everyday life. In this case, it is considered magical. It is also related to the ability to awaken the energies of people and the environment, which is known as Kundalini energy.

Meaning of the snake as a power animal in America

In America, the snake has been another of the most revered animals and most related to power. As with the East, its meaning varies slightly depending on the area:

Mesoamerica: the snake is one of the most important symbols in this region, which includes the southern part of Mexico, as well as Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, and the western part of Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

South America: in this area of ​​America, one of the clearest symbols of the serpent’s power is the figure of Amaru, or winged serpent, which is a deity in the Quechua and Aymara peoples. In these cultures, it is related to wisdom and water and its power to irrigate farmland, making water run through them and allowing the existence and survival of peoples.

The snake in the Mayan culture

This animal, the Mayan culture has been represented:

Gods like Quetzalcóatl: who is considered the main god from which all the others are born. He also represents the god Kukulcán, associated with wind and water.

Sacred Mountains: The Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, in Mexico, is decorated with sculptures depicting the serpent. For many experts, this pyramid is the staging of a sacred mountain.

Symbology of the serpent in Europe

In Europe, the symbol of the snake as an animal of power has been used less by the Christian tradition of many countries, which has caused it to be associated with the forces of evil. We must not forget that a serpent was the one that tempted Eve to expel her from Paradise.

However, some symbols in Europe include the positive snake. The main reference is found in ancient Rome, in which the god of medicine, called Aesculapius, had the form of a snake. At that time, this animal was revered. Its power is related to healing.

6- The Elephant


The largest animal is also one of the strongest in the world. This mammal is usually calm and uses its trunk only to grab leaves and drink water. But if it feels threatened or in danger, it will show all its destructive force, destroying everything in its path. Making an elephant angry is always a bad idea.

One of the main elements to consider of the elephant with which it is related is strength, honor, stability, and patience, among other attributes.

When we observe the elephants in nature, we can relate them to other meanings, among them responsibility because they take care of and take responsibility for both their descendants and their elders. Therefore, it can be easily ascertained that the elephant has immense determination and loyalty, always defending others and the members of his group in his natural habitat.

Elephants also express advanced sensitivity and social connection, particularly during death, as they can travel to a specific place to die. It is a personal responsibility that they take, even when it is the end of their days.

For Christians, the symbol of the elephant has to do with patience, temperament, and innocence.

For Hindus, the elephant can be found in the form of Ganesha, which is a symbol of good luck, fortune, protection, and a blessing for new projects.

For Asians, the meanings they attribute to it are happiness, longevity, and good luck. Some Asian cultures also believe that the elephant is a cosmic creature and is in charge of carrying the world on its back.

In many other cultures, the elephant has meanings such as dignity, power, pride, trust, and royalty.

When this animal appears in dreams, the message that is given to us is that we will be able to deal with any obstacles we encounter. They represent elements like power, stability, and balance in the dream world.

If you dream that you are riding an elephant, this suggests that you have a tendency to be the leader of your family and that others depend heavily on you. If, on the other hand, you dream of elephants in a circus, this suggests that you have an attitude that is too carefree towards some aspects of your life, so you should pay more attention to some areas that you are not sufficiently aware of.

7- The Eagle

falcon spirit animal
Falcon Spirit Animal

Although the eagle may not seem so strong in appearance, the truth is that it is. The grip of its legs and the strength of its wings allow it to lift its prey by weight, even if they are large. For an animal that does not exceed 7 kg, lifting much heavier animals and lifting them hundreds of meters is not a big problem, which shows their enormous strength.

Eagles are creatures that have always caught our attention, but they are also full of symbolism. The size of the animals is a factor to consider whenever we talk about animal symbology and even more so when we talk about eagles.

The eagle can easily fly without much apparent effort despite its large size. This is one of the many meanings that the eagle provides us with, “not judging a book by its cover” and not letting the mental limits we have come to the detriment of our daily struggles. For this reason, people who have been subjected to the judgments of those around them can find in this animal a symbol that perfectly fits their experiences.

Some of the attributes associated with eagles are opportunity, protection, safeguard, masculinity, dominance, control, freedom, community, action, authority, concentration, vision, power, liberation, inspiration, and much more.

Reference must be made to the Native Americans, who considered the eagle an important animal. They saw the eagle as an intelligent animal because it is not only an animal with a great facility for hunting, but it also does so intelligently. This is a lesson that we must attend to, and that is that in most cases, it is more important to work wisely than to work hard without knowing where we are going.

The Native Americans considered the eagle as an earthly reincarnation of a great spirit and as the one responsible for the rays of the sun that came from its eyes and the rain caused by the flapping of its wings. Following the common thread about the eagles as being responsible for storms and rain, the explanation given by the Native Americans was that with such a wingspan and taking into account the theory of the interrelation of energies, the eagles could cause magnetic undulations in the air. And, in this way, the rain was produced.

It should be mentioned that these types of legends may seem a bit far from reality, but in this way, we can understand what this animal has meant to some people throughout history.

Do some research on the Native American culture. You can find that these Native Americans used the eagle’s feathers as a tool in many of their rituals. The eagle was invoked for revitalization, creation, and healing. This comes in part from the relationship that we talked about earlier between the eagle and the water.

In this line, we can talk about the importance of the eagle in the world of dreams, for example, in our unconscious, and it is said that when an eagle appears in one of our dreams, this is related to a symbol of symbolic cleanliness, so that we should think about what we want to clean in our lives. This means that if we dream of an eagle, there may be some elements in our lives that prevent us from moving forward and that we must get rid of.

Although we have talked about the relationship of this animal with the element of water, there is another element, air, with which, as the king of birds, it is connected. The air symbolizes communication and thought. All birds have a common meaning: they are related to abstract thought, dreams, and mental liberation. The eagle’s message specifically within this field is that of mental acuity and dominance.

Visually, what strikes us most about the eagle is its shape: aerodynamic and elegant. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the eagle is an animal that is intelligent in the acts it does, and we can extrapolate that to our lives, that is, act intelligently in the acts we do, think if what we do every day is what we want or if we would change something.

The symbolism of the eagle in other different cultures

For some ancient cultures, the eagle represented the raw material, responsible and creator of everything that exists with the beating of its wings and the union of the two elements, water and air.

For the Mayans and the Incas, the eagle was the animal responsible for the night, which brought the end of the day and the beginning of the night.

For the Celts, a symbol intimately linked to water, its transparency always shows us reality as it is when it is clean and capable of covering all of reality when it is cloudy.

For Christians, it has been related to Christ himself, and this is because the eagle can fly over the skies and look at the sun without blinking. It has also been related to baptism, and this is due to the comparison made of the eagle when it dips its head in the water.

This animal is also related to sunlight as a symbol of authority, government, and masculinity. This animal has also been related to Zeus. The truth is that it makes sense because of the symbolism that this animal harbors and the keywords associated with it and have been previously described.

As has been observed so far, the eagle is an animal full of meaning and with which some people can feel identified so that it can be a good option as a tattoo, not only because of the large number of meanings they have and the variety of interpretations. Attending to the point of view that we choose; but also because visually it has a very nice result.

8- The Gorilla


A Gorilla is a physically impressive animal. Its approximate weight of 200 kg is intimidating, but even more so is knowing that it can lift to 2,000.

This gives us an idea of ​​his immense strength and how little chance anyone can escape from his arms. Falling into the hands of a furious gorilla means certain death, and for this reason, it is an animal respected and feared by other species.

Although these animals have been considered aggressive on many occasions, the gorilla is a fairly calm and peaceful creature. Perhaps its close relationship with humans and its similar appearance to us make this animal arouse great interest for many of us.

The meaning of this animal is much nobler than it may seem at first. If we observe these creatures in their natural habitat, gorillas are very social and have complex methods of communication with each other. Furthermore, honor is a central element in your interactions with others.

Gorillas are deeply aware of each member of the community. The responsibility of assisting both children and adults is very assimilated into the community. This is a message from which we can learn, and we must be active agents in the care of our elders until the end of their days and from our offspring to our children.

Some elements related to this species are communication, loyalty, leadership, compassion, intelligence, nobility, dignity, strength, responsibility, nurturing, and connectivity.

When the gorilla appears in our path, we must recognize that we are noble beings and be aware that we have a series of rights that cannot be violated. The gorilla also conveys that we must relate to others considering temperament, understanding, compassion, and balance. They rarely earn respect through beauty. However, they do earn it through decency, honesty, and charisma.

If we dream of one of these animals, we are being reminded of our need to take action. It is a sign that we have rested on our laurels and that we should start trying to achieve what we want instead of sitting around waiting for it to fall from the sky.

9- The Leafcutter Ant

leafcutter ant

We have all seen ants carry weights much greater than their own, but among these, the leafcutter ant can be considered the strongest since it can lift objects that exceed 50 times its body weight. Costa Rica’s tiny leafcutter ant packs a punch. He has a lot of strength, but the ant could also help improve the world.

Parading in long exemplary lines, carrying bright green leaves up to 50 times their weight, leafcutter ants are a common and fascinating sight in the forests of Costa Rica. Their hierarchical society is only second, in complexity, after the human one.

That is why scientists from various countries studied their extraordinary abilities in great detail to exploit their potential applications, for example, in fuel production. These little animals, known locally as zompopas, offer us many lessons, but for farmers in Costa Rica and elsewhere in the United States and Brazil, they are a pest and a threat to their livelihoods.

10- The dung beetle

dung beetle in action

Does it surprise you that a beetle is among the animals that symbolize strength? Well, perhaps it will stop surprising you when you know that it can drag up to 1,141 times its weight, which is why they can move objects much larger than themselves.

If you are here, it is because you are a person who feels that the beetle is the animal that guides your life, who you look like, who you identify with. That you have a similar personality to him. That is why we have directly related its symbolism to your life.

To begin with, the symbolism of the scarab means that you should use your imagination and creativity to expand your horizons and gain new insights into the world.

The beetle comes into your life when you cannot avoid facing a crossroads in which you are asked to take the same safe path that you already know or to take a new and unexplored one.

Your destiny is made up of all the choices you make throughout your life and your actions and reactions to things that happen to you.

The beetle is the sign for you to use your imagination and tap into your creativity. It invites you to believe that you have unlimited potential and that you can make anything your mind conceives possible with the gifts you possess.

Meaning also has a lot to do with strength. Even being very small, this insect can achieve great things in its world. Whenever you feel small and insignificant, thinking about the beetle will help you become aware of all the things you can do.

When the beetle is present, it will signify that your life will experience some transformation or metamorphosis that will change it completely. It may appear when you need to make an important decision.

Learn to adapt to your surroundings and become the person you are meant to be. Embrace transitions without resistance to the changes that will happen because change is the only inevitable thing.

Do you identify with the beetle? Positive and negative traits of your personality

If you identify with the beetle, you are strong on your own, but when you work with your community to pursue a common goal, you can be much stronger. You are very creative and organized. You are good at time management due to your ability to multitask, which allows you to move faster than others who have to do things one by one. You are resourceful and adaptable and can survive in any situation, however difficult it may be. You know your strengths and use them to your advantage.

Yet you spend too much time thinking about the many ways you can fail, which makes you less effective than spending that time thinking about the many ways you can succeed.

Although no one likes rejection and failure, you completely avoid situations where you think they might happen, making you miss out on great opportunities.

On the other hand, since these insects adapt well to any climate or environment, you are also tough. It’s hard for someone to bring you down.

When the beetle is most likely to appear in your life

The situations in which this insect is more likely to appear in your life are, among others:

When you are ready to take on challenges that require you to leave your comfort zone: You feel that you were born to do great things, and at the same time, you know that installed in the comfort of your comfort zone is impossible to achieve them. It’s time to muster enough courage to take risks because the rewards are worth it.

When you need a transformation in your life: You can make your life what you want. So if you don’t feel happy with the one you currently have and feel like you need deep transformations, remember that it’s in your hands. Don’t wait for the right circumstances because that will never happen. Take action and start implementing changes.

When you conclude that you need to change your daily habits: Changes do not come by magic, but you have to establish new habits that help consolidate them. If you are already aware of this and are ready to start working on creating your new life, don’t delay it another minute. The sooner you get down to work, the sooner you will see results.

What we can learn from this insect?

You can learn to have greater roots and order in your life and the importance of having your family close. Being pragmatic and strategic when it comes to solving problems is another of the lessons that can be learned from this little being, and being aware that anything you offer to the world will come back to you one way or another.