Dream Meaning and Interpretation in Islam

Representatives of any religious denomination have always sought to unravel the mysterious world of night dreams. Muslims are no exception to the rule. On the contrary, in the culture of Islam, dreams are perceived as something sacred, to which greater attention should be paid.

I propose in this material to consider all the features that the Islamic dream book has: what types of dreams are and how to interpret your dreams with its help correctly.

If, in our culture, in dream collections, as a rule, the method of associations is used, then the Muslim dream book is based on a completely different principle. So, in deciphering night dreams, the followers of Islam rely on the most important edition, that is, the Holy Quran.

And a person’s personal feelings from a dream he has seen do not matter much, as Muslims completely trust the Great Prophet’s dream interpretations. Trying to understand the features of a particular dream, they will first collect the Holy Book.

And the very process of correctly interpreting night dreams is of great importance in Islam. There is an objective reason for this: having correctly understood the meaning of what he saw in a dream, a person will be able to choose the right fork in life. Thus protecting himself from sinfulness. In addition, it will facilitate the understanding of the current situation.

In the culture of the Arabs, there are several collections of interpretations of dreams. However, most of them have not gained wide popularity. Today, there is only one collection of dreams that every self-respecting Muslim should have at home – this is an Islamic dream book according to the Quran and Sunnah.

According to the Quran, the dream book of Muslims is based not only on information from the Holy Scriptures. It also includes works written by famous Persian thinkers and data from the Encyclopedia of Muslims “Collection of Knowledge.”

Bad dreams Shaitan (i.e., the devil in the Muslim faith) sends people. Then the dreamer suffers nightmares or visions lacking common sense that come to him. Such dreams are to mock a person or tempt him to commit sinful acts.

An interesting nuance. To protect themselves from bad dreams, the followers of Islam do not eat anything at night and also try to remove all obscene thoughts from their heads.

The last type of dream. It directly connects with real life, with the actions that he performs daily. For example, a young mother can see herself taking care of her children, and a cobbler can see how she repairs shoes.

What kind of dream a person has will also depend on his subsequent actions after waking up.

The meaning of what you see in a dream according to Islam

If there was a Good dream, then you will have to do the following:

  • Thank the Almighty from the bottom of my heart for the positive vision;
  • Correctly interpret the meaning of what he saw because it is competent decoding that will help the dream to materialize in life;
  • Sincerely rejoice that pleasant event will occur in life;
  • You can tell the dream’s plot, but only to those people whom the dreamer wishes well.
  • Everything else should not be devoted to your nightly dreams.

As for bad dreams, then here the scheme of actions changes:

  • upon awakening, you should offer a prayer to Allah, asking him to protect himself from the influence of evil forces;
  • Repeat the prayer to the Almighty 3 times, begging him to save the dreamer from Shaitan;
  • spit three times on the left shoulder;
  • turning in bed from one side to the other, depending on which side he fell asleep on;
  • it is recommended to do namaz (five daily prayers of Muslims);
  • not tell anyone what you saw;
  • do not decipher bad vision, not even to get information personally.

The Process of Dream Interpretation in Islam

The interpretation of dreams according to the Quran is a very important process, during which several recommendations should be taken into account. What should be the actions of the awakened?

  1. First, establish which group of visions you belong to (good, bad, realistic).
  2. Make the mainline of the dream, highlight the main images, discarding secondary points. Here you can find the greatest difficulties, so be very careful to understand whether you dreamed of a prediction of the future or a warning against trouble.
  3. Decipher selected dream images using Islamic dream interpretation.

An interesting nuance. If your vision doesn’t fall into any of the above categories, then you can’t attempt to interpret it. There is too much risk of confusion, so the smart thing is to forget that dream.

How is the Islamic dream book according to the Quran different from others?

You have probably already noticed that the Arabic dream book has great differences from most similar publications. Below are 5 of its unique features.

  • There is no exact decoding of night dreams. When interpreting, it is necessary to focus on the Qur’an and Sunnah, analyzing the images given in the Holy Scriptures.
  • The first who began to interpret night dreams with the help of the Quran was the Great Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He possessed the records of his visions, in which he highlighted different images, trying to understand his meaning.
  • Muslims believe that a dream will symbolize something for a particular person. It has a close relationship with life and his environment.
  • It is believed that a dream cannot be interpreted ambiguously.
  • There is no alphabetic division in the Islamic dream book. Here all the visions are ordered according to their importance in Islam.

The Islamic dream book interpretation of dreams often has significant differences from similar publications used by Europeans.

An interesting point. The interpretation of Muslim dreams is intended exclusively for the followers of the Islamic faith, and only they should use it. Everyone else will find it too abstruse and incomprehensible a post.

A way to conceive a good dream

According to the Qur’an and Sunnah, it is unacceptable to tell someone if you have a bad dream. Muslims explain this belief as follows: supposedly, even the Great Prophet taught people that a prediction from a dream would come true only if it is told to other people.

Also, in Islam, it is not recommended to be too attached to night dreams, to interpret any dream, even the nonsense ones. And, of course, true Muslims will not use interpreters of night dreams on the Internet since the latter mostly contain inaccurate information.

Examples from Muslim dream book interpretation of dreams

Consider some examples of deciphering dreams according to the Islamic dream book.

Angels– Winged divine beings dreaming at night portend serious changes. Moreover, these changes will be positive: perhaps a person will recover from a serious illness, the time of lack of money will end, something very good will happen.

Hell– on the contrary, it will speak of impending difficulties, trials, and deprivations of life.

Incense– portend praise, glory, promise a person a prosperous and chaste life.

Storm– this symbol is interpreted depending on who saw it: if he is a rich man, he will soon lose his fortune, and if he is a beggar, then, on the contrary, the Almighty will provide him with prosperity.

Wood(its leaves) – is associated with silver and gold coins.

Cat– if she scratched you, this portends an impending illness or unnecessary worries.

Prayer- dreams of a pious person who lives according to the instructions of the Quran and must continue in the same spirit.

Clouds– characterize a certain king, chief, or scientist who is very merciful and performs worthy deeds according to the Qur’an.

Fish– to dream of a single or multiple copies promises a quick meeting with his future wife.

Dates– a good symbol that speaks of an increase in property, the dreamer will bathe in sweet speeches.

Sherbet: You will have a pleasant conversation, you will be able to understand science, and it will increase your well-being.

According to the Muslim dream book,- if the dreamer uses poison in a dream, he, in reality, is very angry about something.

In all times and among all peoples, dreams have been given great mystical significance. Dreams in Islam have a special meaning and interpretation. We will find proof of this in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ. Islam warns a person against a thoughtless interpretation of dreams and recommends in these matters to consult the Book of the Almighty and the Sunnah of His Prophet ﷺ. Not all believers can explain the meaning of a particular dream. Therefore, the name “Muslim dream book” can only be a book in which dreams are interpreted based on the knowledge of the Quran and hadith.

Types of dreams according to Islamic tradition

In Arabic, dreams are denoted by the word “ar-ru’ya,” which translates as a series of thoughts, images, and emotions that a person sees or experiences in a dream.

There are several expressions used in the Scriptures that are related to dreams. Three of them are related to good and healthy dreams:

  1. “ar-ru’ya”
  2. “manam”
  3. “bushrah”

Bad dreams are denoted by the term “khulm,” and the phrase “adgasu ahlam” is also used, which means “incoherent, meaningless and confused dreams.” There are several types:

  1. Satan’s instigations to bring sadness to a person frighten him.
  2. The appearance of the jinn in a beautiful form forces him to perform strange or sinful acts.
  3. Incarnations in dreams of a person’s thoughts, habitual actions of the past or present, and dreams about the future.

Many of these references to dreams are found in the Qur’an in the life stories of the prophets Ibrahim and Yusuf. In connection with the dreams of the prophets, there is an independent term “ru’ya sadika,” that is, a true (or prophetic) dream of the Prophet, heralding the beginning of the sending of divine revelations. The Almighty speaks of this in the Holy Quran: “Indeed, Allah showed the Messenger of him a true dream” (Surah “Victory,” verse 27).

Sometimes other people can see such dreams, for example, the righteous or even the unbelievers. We all know the story of the true dream of the wicked king, for the interpretation of which he turned to the Prophet Yusuf. The most pious believers contemplate Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, according to the hadith: “Whoever saw me in a dream, he really saw me, because the devil does not have the opportunity to appear in my form.”

Dreams in the Noble Sunnah

A reliable hadith says: “A good dream is from Allah.” The mother of the Believers, Aisha R.A, reported that good dreams often preceded the messenger’s divine revelations. The Prophet associated disturbing meaningless dreams with the intrigues of the devil.

The Prophet also said that when Judgment Day approaches, sincere believers will see many true dreams that will delight Muslims and help strengthen faith and patience in observing Islamic canons.

A reliable hadith says: “There are three dreams: a dream of the Almighty, a dream of the devil, with the aim of disturbing the believer, and a dream associated with a person’s waking thoughts, which he later sees in a dream.”

According to this hadith, Islamic scholars divided all dreams into several categories:

Divine sleep (ar-Rahmani). Such dreams are true revelations sent by the Almighty. They have another name, “mubashshirat” which means “good messengers.” Such dreams will show the right path for believers until Judgment Day.

Satanic sleep (ash-shaitani). Such dreams are born as a result of the instigations of Satan, and they lead a person to commit sins. It is forbidden to tell these dreams to other believers and try to interpret them.

(An-nafsani)Dreams that appear under the influence of everyday worries, dreams.

Interpretation of dreams in Islam

All Muslim scholars are unanimous that explaining the meanings of dreams is a very responsible matter and requires special preparation. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when interpreting any dream. Only the dreams of the prophets are certainly a revelation of the Creator since they are protected from the intrigues of the devil. Therefore, the orders that the messengers received in a dream they fulfilled. We all know the story of the Prophet Ibrahim, who unconditionally decided to obey the order of the Almighty to sacrifice the long-awaited only descendant of him.

The dreams of ordinary Muslims must be seen through the prism of divine revelations: if they correspond to them, believe them. If not, they cannot be taken into account. Many believers are confused about dreams and their meanings. Therefore, one should be careful in understanding the meaning of dreams and turn only to reputable scientists.

A well-known statement by the respected Islamic scholar Ibn al-Qayyim, where he equates the interpretation of dreams with the publication of fatwas. And he warns muftis, doctors, and dream interpreters about the importance of not revealing people’s secrets.

The most famous and authoritative Muslim dream book is the work of Ibn Sirin, called “Tafsir of Dreams.” It contains about a thousand dreams and their meanings. Any Muslim today has the opportunity to download it from the world wide web.

This scientist had enough knowledge in the matter to explain the meanings of dreams. But he first said: “Fear Allah in your waking because what you see in a dream will never harm you. I only interpret from assumptions, and assumptions can be right or wrong. And he said this without a hint of boasting!

The meaning of some dreams, according to Sharia

Islamic connoisseurs of dreams explain them based on knowledge of the Qur’an or the sunnah of the Prophet, as well as with the help of metaphors, proverbs, and opposites.

According to the Quran, the rope means union. And the ship can be interpreted as salvation. Wood can be understood as a sign of hypocrisy in faith. According to the sacred sunna, the raven symbolizes the wicked, and the rib and glassware seen in a dream symbolize women. Clothing is a symbol of faith and religion. When interpreting dreams, scientists also use popular proverbs. For example, digging a hole has the meaning of cheating. More information about this can be found in special sources on this topic.

Dream Interpretation in the Age of the Prophet and His Companions

Some prophets could understand the meaning of their dreams and the dreams of others. The dreams of the prophets themselves are revelations from the Creator. All Muslims know the biography of the prophet Ibrahim, who had a dream with the request of the Almighty to sacrifice his son. Prophet Yusuf saw in a dream heavenly bodies making sujud (prostration). After many years of wandering and suffering, everyone learned the true meaning of this: the parents and brothers of the prophet made a prostration, greeting the prophet.

Al-Bukhari narrated a hadith where the Messenger Muhammad ﷺ explains the meaning of his dream:

“One night I dreamed of a glass of milk. I drank from it until I saw the milk start to come out from under my fingernails. So what was left I gave to ‘Umar. This is knowledge.”

It is also known that some of the Companions could explain dreams based on knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

How to see a true dream?

A sincere believer can be rewarded with the opportunity to see a true dream according to the hadith of the prophet: “The truth of a dream is associated with the truth of the one who saw it, and the truest dream is with the truest.” people.” Therefore, one should follow the dictates of Shariah, not cheat, eat permissible food. And also it is necessary to go to sleep, being in a small bathroom, turning towards the qibla and pronouncing dhikr until falling asleep. And also read certain du “a, which help calm the believer’s soul. Dreams after such rituals are almost always true.

The most auspicious time for true dreams is the time of “suhoor” (shortly before the morning prayer time), when the demons calm down, and mercy and forgiveness become very close. And false dreams come at nightfall when shaitans and devilish souls spread.

According to the hadith narrated about the Mother of the believers, it is necessary to read dua to contemplate a good dream and drive away a bad one:” When ‘Aisha went to sleep, she said du “a:” O Allah, verily, I ask you a good dream, that is truthful, and not a deception, that brings benefit, but not harms.

Warning about Dream Deception

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ repeatedly warned believers against deception. This also applies to the content of dreams. Ibn’ Abbas reported the prophet’s words about the terrible punishment of liars who tell people lies about their dreams. The Almighty will entrust them with the duty of joining 2 grains of barley in a knot, which is impossible. And the hadith narrated by Ibn’ Umar says: “Verily, the (worst types of) deception (include fables) that he saw in a dream what he did not see in reality.”

Now many evil people are turning the explanation of dreams into a lucrative business and are leading ordinary people into heresy by falsely explaining the meaning of dreams. Such liars cannot be trusted, making decisions based on these interpretations.

After all, a true believer knows that he is only allowed to believe in the dreams of the prophets. Therefore, the followers of Islam should know that we can get all the necessary knowledge from the Holy Scriptures, hadiths, and authoritative Islamic books. And there is no need to explain dreams or look for new information in them.

Allah is One and Almighty, the only one worthy of praise and worship. Seeing his unrivaled and incomparable light of him in a dream is a good and kind sign. The owner of this dream will have good news in this world and will be happy in Akhirah. Once, one of the founders of the madhhab, the great scholar Ahmad bin Hambal Rahmatullahi Aleihi saw the Creator in a dream and asked: – Oh Lord! What brings you closer to your righteous servants? Allah Almighty replied: – You must read My word. Do-Understand or do not understand the meaning of what is read?

The Allah is the Almighty! The dream in which Allah sent the seer of the dream to Paradise indicates that this servant of Allah is in fear of the Creator and has a certain degree of exaltation towards Him. To see a curtain in a dream between the Creator and oneself means committing a great sin. Conversation with Allah indicates the need to spend as much time as possible reading the Holy Quran because the Quran is the word of God.

If someone sees that Allah Almighty will anoint him in a dream, he will become holy and close to Allah. If Allah came down to earth in a certain area or place in a dream, he would be overflowing with Barakat from the Almighty. If someone stood before the Lord, and He looked at his servant, this testifies to the high honor of the person. If Allah called someone to himself with the words “Come to me!” in a dream, his death is near.

If the Creator treated someone in a dream, he would receive a separate Grace from Allah on the Day of Judgment. If someone in a dream receives instructions from the Creator, he will soon receive a work that contributes to the achievement of his contentment. If Allah delighted him with wonderful news in a dream, it means that he will receive a lot of sawab. If Allah called a person in a dream, the person would soon perform Hajj.

If someone reads namaz before Allah in a dream, his Grace will descend to this place. If Allah accepts a person for himself, his prayers will be accepted. If someone in a dream was afraid of Allah, then soon he, having gotten rid of poverty, will become rich and own countless foods. If a person turns to his Lord in a dream, he will be close to Allah and will be loved by all people. The one who turns to Shaitan to Allah in a dream will get rid of the wiles of his enemies and will receive useful knowledge.

And if he’s sick, he’ll be healed. It can also mean that a person will avoid betrayal or be cleansed of spiritual dirt. If a person sees that he is going to Allah, then this person is following the right path. A dream associated with Allah is a sign of adding and strengthening a person’s faith. Ibni Sirin said: “The one who saw Allah in a dream, that inhabitant of paradise, created to call and guide people to the path of truth.” The dream seen by the rulers testifies to his high morality and honor of him.

For a fighting warrior, this is a sign that he will become a martyr. For those who languish in captivity, a sign of early release. And for the poor, a sign of future wealth. Who sees himself in a dream on guard, being on the path of Allah, can perceive this sign that he is a model of humility, worship of the Creator, observance of the prescribed believer, fearing God, following the sunnah of the Messenger.

Seeing himself committing jihad in the path of Allah or standing guard during jihad, he can perceive this sign that he is walking in the right path of Allah. If Allah threatened a person in a dream, he committed a sin and has come to his senses. He should return to the path of truth.

Sleep is a certain state of the body, characterized by a reduced response to external stimuli and specific brain activity.

Sleep can be of three types:

1-A good auspicious dream means that Allah sends good tidings to a person.

2-Shaitan sends a person a bad and restless dream. These dreams are always full of something bad. And it means that Allah blames a person for something. Such dreams come to a person who falls asleep with unpleasant thoughts.

3-Dreams in which events that occur in reality are repeated.

Dreams that are not included in any of the above items are confusing and meaningless. They are unreal to understand and even more so to interpret.

What to do seeing a Good Dream?

If you had a good, kind, and auspicious dream, then ibn sirin’s dream book recommends doing 4 things:

1) Thank and praise Allah for the good news.

2) he Lives and expects good things.

3) Tell a dream to a loved one who wishes you well.

4) Explain it well and precisely. After all, when a dream is interpreted, it comes true.

What to do seeing a Bad Dream?

However, if an unpleasant dream has a dreamer, it is imperative to do 7 things not to anger Allah.

1) Pray to God for help and forgiveness.

2) ask Allah to protect you from shaitan three times.

3) Spit on the left shoulder three times.

4) Change the position in which the person rests at night.

5) Perform Namaz.

6) Keep quiet about your dream and don’t tell anyone.

7) Never interpret it for yourself.

Dream Interpretation of Ibn Sirin

Apricot– disease, picking an apricot from a tree – loss, purchase – constant financial difficulties;

Stork– for a holiday, a celebration.

Hell– committing an irreparable mistake, a sin before Allah. Burning in hell, maybe someone will lead you astray.

A B C– Development of horizons, success.

Shark– a dangerous competitor in the workplace or a rival in love. If a shark bites a sleeping person, the enemy will attack.

Barn– prosperity in material terms, abundance.

A pineapple– carnal pleasures, business success.

Pharmacy– getting sick in real life. If a sleeping person dreams that he works in a pharmacy, it is possible that in life, he will spend a very large amount on treatment.

Astrologer– Big problem, betrayal.

Prisoner– a sleeping person is afraid of being arrested in real life. The dreamer can be slandered.

RAM– buy a ram in a dream – get rich, become famous. A ram is slaughtered – to get rid of debts, recover. If the ram attacks, butts – to public insults.

Velvet– to a long and exciting journey.

Disease: It is necessary for life to monitor health care and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Pregnancy– if a man sees his pregnant wife in a dream, this is a favorable sign, and the replenishment of the family is possible in reality. Seeing yourself pregnant is material wealth.

Sterility– Difficulty in achieving goals. Allah sent a large number of obstacles and tests for the sleeper.

Camel– to sadness, worries, and pain. Take part in a battle on a camel, conflict in real life with a loved one. To kill an animal is to walk away from the business. Falling is a miserable life. If the dreamer is sick when he has a camel dream, he will most likely die soon.

Rope– the symbol of faith. Clinging with all your might to the rope is closeness to the Almighty, spiritual growth. If the rope is tied around the neck, the sleeper is petty.

Wind– cold and vile to anxiety without reason, mental haste. Gusty wind to a daunting disaster. Calm caresses – to the comforts.

Scales: If in a dream Allah weighs the bad and good deeds of the sleeper and the scrub with the good overcomes this, fortunately, if on the contrary, then most likely the sleeper is not sure of his faith and turns away from Allah. Coins in a dream – live in dishonor.

Water– clean to the joys of life, dirty to disappointment. Drinking water from a fountain is tranquility, a surge of strength and energy. Drink black water to blindness. We see a lot of water around heralds a rich harvest.

Wine– drinking wine in a dream – getting rich is dishonest, making wine – serving the good of people in reality.

War– to confusion, or terrible diseases and epidemics.

Wolf– to see in a dream a wolf that entered their house of him-to the loss of property.

Hair– a dream in which the dreamer combs his hair and portends deliverance from sorrows and worries. If a girl dreams that she has turned gray, this is a betrayal of her husband—haircut for big expenses, bankruptcy.

Magic– performing magic in a dream portends the breakup of a family in which the dreamer will be guilty. Look at the magic – traitors and deceivers surround you.

Sparrow– to catch a bird for business success.

Thief– warning of trouble. This is a sign from Satan. If a thief takes stolen things out of the house, someone in this house will die very soon. If the thief left with nothing, that’s a good sign.

Raven– the personification of a cruel person. Catch a bird in a dream – to earn income in life dishonestly. If a raven sits in the sleeper’s house – an act that the dreamer will regret for the rest of his life.

Lice– get rid of the – problem-solving. They bite in the face of public humiliation and insults.

Viper– large sizes for fights with members of the house. She kills the snake for reconciliation.

Harem– the dreamer commits adultery in real life.

Gazelle– for a man riding such a transport portends a quick marriage, for a girl – obscenity in behavior.

Nail– the dreamer has a powerful patron.

Hero– victory over enemies.

Eyes– cloudy eyes mean a lie, the ability to deviate from the true path. Losing an eye is a misfortune and a disease of a loved one. Green eyes portend a sinful fall—blue or blue eyes – a new interesting acquaintance, hobby.

Mountain– being at the top portends stagnant career growth.

Sin– Sinning in a dream means being a debtor in reality.

Mushrooms– the sleeper has many undisclosed talents and abilities. Eat raw mushrooms – taste the delicacies of life.

Goose– to graze geese in a dream – an acquaintance from a prosperous family that will play a significant role in the life of the sleeping person. If the goose takes a bath, the birth of a child in the family is possible.

Caterpillar – the wicked are everywhere, under the masks of friends.

Doors– open, the opportunity to find a new way of income. They are closed – to financial losses. Walking through the door, the dreamer will finally be able to manage his own life from her.

Castle– celebration, party, fun event.

The young woman– if a girl of heavenly beauty is a good sign. Sad and ragged – bad news. In raunchy clothes for a raunchy meeting, date, short-term pleasures. No clothes – failures at work. Virgin – to luck in all endeavors.

Grandfather– excellent health, longevity.

Wood– a palm tree portends pleasant events. Picking fruit from trees – a loved one will give it to the sleeping person. The trees are all in bloom – incredible luck. Cut a tree to loss. If the dreamer sees himself sitting under a tree growing in paradise, he portends immense pleasure in real life.

Children– a life of wealth and prosperity.

Rain– warm portends well-being. Torrent to the discovery of new opportunities, acquiring new knowledge.

House– to build a house in a dream, a comfortable existence for both the sleeping person and his relatives. A small house – losses, a huge house – profit. Large – to receive cash earnings and make long-awaited purchases. To destroy a house is to be on the side of evil. To get into an unknown house and see strangers in it, the dreamer will soon learn about other people’s secrets or let people unknown to him into his secrets.

The dragon– a dangerous enemy somewhere nearby. Seeing yourself in the incarnation of a dragon is a symbol of longevity.

Euphrates– if the dreamer drinks water from this river, this is to prosperity.

Food– to eat from golden plates, unfortunately. If the dreamer eats food with the right hand from an ordinary plate, the person follows the Sunnah. If left – temptation by temptations. If in a dream a stranger invites you to eat, the sleeper is in for an exhausting and tiring journey. Eating raw meat to a damaged reputation. If the food in a dream has no taste, this portends poverty. If Dreamer sees eggs in Dreams

Hedgehog– There will be a meeting with an unpleasant man.

Equitation (on horseback or driving) – reconnaissance. Unsafe driving: follow his weaknesses.

Iron– to power and recognition. Wrought iron – to war.

Pearl– sell pearls in a dream – the dreamer treats faith and religion with disdain. Throwing pearls into the water – the dreamer will soon become a famous person. Finding pearls at the bottom of the sea – earning money in real life will also be difficult.

Marriage– if a beautiful girl is in the role of a bride, this is a sign that Allah is favorable to the sleeping person. In the role of a bride, a dissolute lady is exposed to adultery. To marry a sick girl – a thankless job awaits the dreamer.

Female– if too close to the dreamer – interference in life, a bad influence. Many women in the environment – too many temptations in real life. A dark-haired, brunette woman, fortunately. With pale skin to trouble.

Fence– if the dreamer leans on the fence in a dream – in real life, he needs support and care.

Sunset– changes for the better, both in matters of the heart and at work.

Zakat (tax for the benefit of the poor) – profit.

Earthquake– a symbol of human phobias.

Mirror – if a man sees himself in the mirror while his wife is pregnant – this is a sign that they will have a child and will be a complete copy of his father. When a pregnant woman sees herself in the mirror, he will have a daughter similar to her both in character and outwardly for non-pregnant women facing the betrayal of a loved one.

Gold– symbolizes a relaxed and peaceful state. Build a gold building for the fires.

Tooth– loss of teeth – a sleeping person will outlive all members of his family, longevity. Suppose a cutter fell to the death of a close relative. Seeing teeth in silver means loss, ruin. Gold: There are very talented people surrounded by the sleeping person. White teeth are a symbol of wealth.

Needle– breaks when you get used to unfulfilled dreams. Thread a needle and do not fall for the execution of plans.

Game-A game is a symbol of deception. The game portends quarrels with loved ones and failure.

Hypo– diseases, neuroses.

Pot- cook for unexpected money, profit.

Whale– a symbol of trouble, anxiety, anxiety.

Horse– a healthy animal to glory, a sick animal to trouble. To see the death of an animal, the dreamer will soon die. Riding a white horse – the fulfillment of desires. A flying winged horse for respect in this and the next world.

Lactation– if a sick woman dreams of how she is nursing a child, she will soon recover.

Rat– symbolizes the harm of an evil person.

Bath (ritual)– the sleeper repents of sins. Dive into the ice hole for worries and troubles. When it is cold, bathing in warm water is a cure for the disease.

Martin- a symbol of high position in society.

A fox– intrigue, gossip.

Spoon– a just ruler whose actions are directed only to the benefit of society.

Prayer– Sunnah for the purification of the soul of the dreamer. Pray of your own free will for a carefree life. Perform the obligatory prayer for unsuccessful work. Hide and pray – to commit evil deeds. Not finding a place to pray is a collapse of hope.

Milk– new knowledge.

Flour– wheat – a symbol of frugality in a person. Corn for good luck. Kneading dough is a trip to relatives.

Mule– an unpleasant conversation with a man awaits the sleeper.

Legs– if it dreams that the legs have different lengths, then the dreamer will have a long and unpleasant journey. Limp to solitude.

Sheep– a symbol of health.

Donkey– Enemies will be exposed.

Cleanliness– a symbol of mercy to others.

Saved– Trouble, suffering, harsh fate.

Fingers– feel pain in the fingers – misfortunes, problems with the children of the sleeping person. If a childless woman had such a dream, this is a symbol of sin. A man loses the ring finger of his right hand due to the birth of his child, the middle finger: is the death of a famous person. If the dreamer does not have four fingers, the man will marry four Arab women, but they will soon die. Cutting off someone’s finger is actually harming this person. Missing toe – missing.

Waterproof– the greatness of the dreamer.

Dungeon– risk.

Heaven– there is no way to go to heaven – the sleeper will not perform Hajj. The gates of paradise slammed shut until the death of the parents. Enter through the gates of heaven to death. If the dreamer was ordered to enter the door, but he did not, in real life, he would soon abandon his faith.

Rice– pleasant worries and a life of wealth. Eat raw rice for illness.

Mouth– the smell of your mouth to vanity. The smell of the interlocutor’s mouth to insults and slander. A whole type of food is anxiety and stress. Spit out the food, and avoid trouble. Hair got into the mouth along with food – difficulties in real life.

Fish-fried fish symbolizes the necessary acquaintances. Buying fresh fish is good luck, according to the Quran. Herring – benefit.

Garden– being in the Garden of Eden – Allah will grant spiritual purity to the sleeping person.

Sugar– Meet a nice and pretty woman.

Pig– huge and fat – portends victory over enemies.

Death– if the sleeper died and then rose again, this portends a crime that the person immediately regrets. Seeing a dead man in a dream – regret the past.

Dog– dog barking out of remorse.

Salt– dissatisfaction with the state of affairs.

Table– cleared for losses, hedged for profits. Sitting alone at a large table for leadership. Lying on the table – the dreamer is angry and greedy.

Tiger– a greedy male person.

Distributor– a very unpleasant conversation.

Nudo– sinfulness against relatives.

Vinegar– a symbol of monetary gain. Pour vinegar into a glass for a strong deterioration of health. Drink vinegar – friendship ends.

Ugliness– the sleeper lacks chastity—the ugly face of disease.

Ears – if an older man cuts off the ears of a sleeping man, he will be paid for his actions if the sleeper cuts off the ears of a stranger – a symbol of betrayal.

Coal– danger.

Beehive– Harmony in everything.

Changes in the weather. There is a profit. Separating the dates from the holes in the birth of a child. Regret – to material well-being. To collect dates from a palm tree is to marry a beautiful religious, and modest woman. Pluck unripe fruit is an unsolicited instruction.

Boils– on the sleeping person’s body – material well-being: many boils – wealth.

Sliced ​​bread – black – to prosperity. Barley – a person will dedicate his life to the Almighty. Stale bread is a symbol of an unfavorable period. Eating white bread is wealth. Seeing mold is a person’s callousness due to a comfortable existence in real life.

Walking in Dream– the dreamer’s life according to the laws of the Almighty. Walking in the market is a financial gain. Going barefoot is a symbol of religiosity.

Scabies– concerns.

Plague– war, destruction.

Tongue– swollen – the sleeper first speaks, then thinks. The cut tongue is slander against the sleeper. If you dream of a beggar without a tongue, give alms to a person who does not deserve it. If the sleeper feels that his tongue is glued to the sky, then the secrets of the sleeper will be made public.