What does it mean to Dreaming a Doctor?

doctor in dream

A doctor may appear in your dreams as an authoritative individual who advises you to respect your position in life. According to a doctor, you have a healer inside of you who is attempting to calm your mind. The traditional advice from a surgeon is to find a way out of a difficult situation, whereas … Read more

The Horse Symbolism and Meaning

the horse spirit animal

The horse appears in all the mythologies of the planet. The symbol of the horse dates to prehistory, and the first civilizations. The earliest writings of horses date back to the third millennium BC, where historians discovered slate tablets in Elam (present-day Iraq and Iran) that refer to this noble, wild beast. The horse is … Read more

Swan Symbolism and Meaning


Swans have a universally significant meaning. The swan has long been associated with several nations’ and religions’ Sacred Mysteries as a representation of spiritual sovereignty. The swan totem represents the spring equinox in the Celtic culture. The tale of the swan has special parallels to the myths of the Holy Grail, the Phoenix, and the … Read more

Bee Symbolism and Meaning

bee meaning and symbology

According to the tradition of native peoples, power animals can help us get ahead in challenging times, inspire us in significant times, accompany us in transcendent times, guide us to make decisions when we go through periods of change and protect us in any circumstance. After man, the bee is the most studied living being … Read more

What does it Mean to Dream about Storm?

dreams about strom

We often spend the day thinking about that dream we had during the night, but have you ever wondered what it means to dream this? In many cases, interpreting dreams can give us a lot of information about our personality and even our current state of mind. The type of dream we have has a … Read more

Dolphin Symbolism and Meaning

dolphin and loyality

Dolphins are an animal that has always been highly valued and hence their presence in many movies that we have been able to see, for example. Due to all this, we must dedicate an entire article to the meaning and symbology of these animals. Dolphin Symbology Considered by many cultures as the king of the … Read more